6 Reasons to Travel to Puerto Rico

El Morro Castle in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

It’s pretty difficult to live up to a moniker such as “The Island of Enchantment,” but Puerto Rico does, with a unique blend of history, culture, natural beauty, and of course, white-sand beaches. 

This gorgeous island should be at the top of your Caribbean adventures list. Puerto Rico has something for every traveler, and is particularly convenient for tourists coming from the mainland United States: English is widely spoken, you can get there without a passport or exchanging currency, and you often score a bargain on airfare (especially with the help of a travel agent). 

Convinced yet? It’s okay if you’re not. By the time you finish this blog you’ll be dreaming of all the fun you could be having on The Island of Enchantment.

Here are six reasons to travel to Puerto Rico.

The Beauty

Natural beauty. Architectural beauty. You name it, Puerto Rico has it. In addition to a tropical rainforest (featuring the spectacular La Coca Falls) and miles of pristine beaches, the island is home to three of the world’s five bioluminescent bays: Mosquito Bay, Laguna Grande, and La Bahía Fosforescente. All create stunning backdrops for those Instagrammable moments. If cobblestone streets are your thing, head to Old San Juan where you’ll find photo opportunities aplenty. 

The Beaches

Whatever your preference—hopping with locals and tourists alike, hidden gems, or proximity to food and drinks—you’ll find the beach that fits your personality here. That’s because Puerto Rico boasts more than 300 beaches along 270 miles of coastline. Jobos is vibrant and popular for its nearby attractions. The calm waves and low tides make La Monserrate a perfect destination for families looking for a relaxing day on the sand. And if you like a payoff for a long walk, then consider the half-moon-shaped La Playuela. 

The Music & Dance Scene

If you only went to Puerto Rico for its music scene you’d leave fully satisfied. That shouldn’t be a surprise considering the island has produced international superstars such as Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee, Tito Puente, Bad Bunny, and more. What makes Puerto Rico unique is the mix of cultural influences that have resulted in a range of genres from salsa and merengue to bomba y plena and reggaeton. Head to La Plaza del Mercado Santurce, where the streets come to life with music and dance once the market closes. For a great party, La Respuesta, also in Santurce, is where the dancing continues through the wee hours of the morning. Then there are the wonderful mid-afternoon jamming sessions of El Callejón De La Tanca in Old San Juan.

The Aquatic & Jungle Adventures

Whether it’s in the water or land, there are plenty of adventures to be had in Puerto Rico. You could start with a date in the Caribbean sea: swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, surfing, and paddleboarding, where you’re sure to discover a wide array of marine wildlife. Then turn your attention to El Yunque National Forest. The nearly 29,000-acre tropical rainforest features remarkable biodiversity, not to mention awe-inspiring sights like the aforementioned La Coca Falls. 

The History

There’s no shortage of history on the island, particularly in San Juan. The historic capital was established in 1521, and its founders left incredible artifacts and architecture modern visitors can admire. Go beyond its ancient walls into the heart of Old San Juan (Viejo San Juan), where you’ll find blue cobblestone streets and colorful alleyways. The shore is lined with massive forts that protected the settlement from land and sea throughout the ages. Today, they offer glamorous ocean views to go with your trip through the past. 

The Cuisine

You’re on vacation. Eat like it. That means indulge in Puerto Rico’s delicious plates, from the popular pork-based lechón asado—served with rice and plantains—to the seafood favorite, aguacate relleno: avocado stuffed with creamy garlic shrimp. Wash it all down with some of the world’s best coffee or, again this is vacation, rum. After all, it’s the national drink, and you’ll find it in all its glorious forms and flavors. 

Now, that's a lot to think about and even more to pack into a single trip to Puerto Rico. But have no fear. InteleTravel is here to help. Our advisors can craft a Puerto Rican adventure that's perfect for you. Tell us your preferences, outline your budget, then sit back, relax, and think about all the fun you'll have on The Island of Enchantment. We'll handle the rest. 

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