6 Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

For health-conscious individuals, or those of us dedicated to a training program, a fitness routine or a way of living the veggie life, taking trips might seem more detrimental to your diet than anything else.  

When you’re the type of person who takes pride in your meal prep Mondays and your perfectly grilled chicken breasts, the thought of disrupting that process for a business trip or a five-day Caribbean adventure might actually give you anxiety.

But don’t worry! That’s why we’re here.

We know that the healthy lifestyle is just that: a lifestyle. Although a five-day tropical adventure does call for some splurging and a couple of cheat meals along the way, we know that the vacation pudge stays a lot longer than we want it to.

Don’t let going on a trip completely keep you from your goals of staying healthy.

Here are six tips for eating healthy while you travel:

1. Pack Smart

There is nothing a little pre-planning and strategic packing can’t overcome. Rather than not thinking at all about your trip beforehand, think about it the same way you think about every week of planned meals. If you’re going on a road trip and can easily pack up your weeks’ worth of meals, do it! You can even take food with you on the plane (or in your checked baggage) so long as it’s wrapped, sealed and contained. If planned meals seems like too much, at least pack up a bunch of healthy snacks to have with you! We’re personal fans of rice cakes and natural peanut butter, but use your imagination and bring your favorites along for the ride.


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2. Know Where You're Going

Knowing where you’re going is half the battle – and we don’t just mean your hotel’s address. By having a working knowledge of the surrounding area and the restaurants and grocery stores nearby, you’ll be much less likely to arrive with no clue where to eat and immediately hit the nearest fast-food joint. Try downloading AroundMe. It’s an app that lets you check out the places around your hotel before you get there, giving you a heads-up about where to eat and lessens the chance you’ll panic and succumb to your hunger pangs.


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3. Get Your Veggies with Green Superfoods

It’s hard to get in all of your veggies while on vacation. So that you get all the green goodness that your body needs and has grown accustomed to, we suggest you invest in some green superfood powder like the ones from Amazing Grass. Not only will you be satisfying your daily requirements, but if you mix it with organic juice, you can consider it a meal replacement!


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4. Give Your Coffee a Power Boost

How we set ourselves up in the morning can determine how the rest of the day will go. To help ensure that you’ll have a healthy day, add some vanilla whey protein powder to your coffee in the morning. Not only is it super delicious, but it will help tame your hunger.


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5. Eat Small Portions Frequently

By eating small, healthy snacks throughout the day, it’s less likely that you’ll get insanely hungry and gorge on sweets or junk food. Bring along small baggies of healthy snacks like nuts or dried fruit to munch on, and you’ll set yourself up for the advantages of constant calorie burning and hunger management.


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6. Drink Lots of Water

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! It will help you if you’re out in the sun or going on wild adventures throughout the day. Thirst also likes to disguise itself as hunger, so keep plenty of H₂O on hand and you’ll be able to stop hunger before it starts!

When you become a travel agent and choose to work from home, these are just a few healthy tips that will keep you in shape from the inside out!

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