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Best Snowbird Destinations: Where To Go And How You Can Afford It

Posted at Dec 17, 2015 12:24:05 PM in Leisure Travel, For Agents by InteleTravel

Snowbirds handle the winter months with ease by avoiding the season all together. Most people who live in colder climates would love to trade in the bitter weather they are experiencing for sunny skies and warm temperatures, especially as they get older. It’s a chance to live somewhere else for a few months out of the year and return to your home after the all the snow melts. Plus, it’s nice to have a change of scenery once in a while, especially for those who are prone to cabin fever. Whether you’re retired or have the ability to work remotely, the decision to be a snowbird is a no-brainer. The difficult part is figuring out where to go and how to afford it.

Some of the best snowbird destinations in the U.S. that people tend to flock to include:



1. Florida

Whenever anyone thinks about Florida, the first few thoughts that come to mind are Disney World, Sea World, spring break and snowbirds. Cities, such as Key West, Sarasota and Boca Raton, are great for snowbirds because they are somewhat separated from the tourism magnets like Orlando, but still have a great deal to offer. Plus, if you own a home there, you don’t have to pay income taxes if you declare permanent residency while living there.



2. Arizona

From Phoenix to Tucson to Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the snowbird destinations to keep in mind. The chances of rain are always slim and temperatures can reach the 60s and 70s throughout the winter months. Rather than buying a second home, some snowbirds opt for RV living, so they can travel throughout the state.



3. California

Although known to be the home of the rich and famous, California is also a great location for snowbirds. Since northern California can still get pretty cold during the winter, snowbirds tend to prefer the southern part of the state. San Diego, for instance, is right by the water—so beach lovers will definitely gravitate toward this location—and similarly to Arizona, the winter weather usually entails no snow and temperatures up to 70 degrees or even higher.



4. Texas

Like California, there are so many places snowbirds can choose from because of the state’s size. Of course there’s the warm weather to enjoy, but snowbirds will especially appreciate the affordable living. Galveston is one popular location because of its proximity to the water. Whichever location you choose, you’ll be sure to love southern living.



How to afford the snowbird lifestyle

Once you decide which of the many snowbird destinations is right for you, figuring out how you can afford living in two different places may be a challenge. Luckily, there are ways to earn extra money and make travel easier—whether you choose to buy a second home in one location or switch from year to year by renting.

InteleTravel turns travel lovers into savvy travelers by letting them become travel agents in which they can profit from booking trips for other people or themselves.

InteleTravel agents not only make money by traveling, but they also get discounted rates. We all know that travel agents are privy to certain rates that may be difficult for the DIY travel planners to find on the Internet. However, InteleTravel agents, as a result of their connection to travel suppliers through the company, have access to even better rates, future promotions and deals.

This is a great way to earn some extra money to afford that second home in California. Your position as an agent can also come in handy when it’s time to book your airline tickets, for instance. American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue Airways are just a few of InteleTravel preferred partners. If you’re not a flyer, you can always rent a car through, Hertz, for example—another InteleTravel preferred partner. Being an agent can reassure you that you’ll always find the best airline deals when traveling to and from your snowbird home each year, and you’ll always be earning money as a result of your consist traveling.

This just goes to show that being a snowbird isn’t far out of anyone’s reach with the help of InteleTravel.

Learn more about InteleTravel here.

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