What to Expect This Summer Travel Season

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InteleTravel’s Summer Survey Shows Travelers are Undeterred by Costs and Other Flight Concerns When it Comes to Vacations

Delray Beach, Fla. (May 10, 2023)—InteleTravel, the world’s oldest and largest host travel agency, has announced the results of a recent survey conducted to gather strategic intelligence on traveler intentions for the summer of 2023. With over 1,000 U.S. travelers participating in the survey, InteleTravel is able to gain a pulse on upcoming trends in summer travel, the biggest concerns travelers have, and the decision process behind their travel purchases. 

Rising demand for all-inclusive resorts 

Of the over 1,000 respondents, nearly half (48%) answered that they planned to take three to five trips throughout the course of 2023, with an emphasis on trips during the summer months. When it comes to the types of vacations that travelers are excited for, 70% plan to visit an all-inclusive resort at some point this year, while 59% are planning to go on a cruise. 

"A big takeaway confirms that interest in all-inclusive resort vacations is at an all-time high,” says James R. Ferrara, president and co-founder of InteleTravel. “Travelers had limited destination options during the pandemic due to Covid restrictions and related friction. So, in the last few years, many travelers had their first exposure to the modern all-inclusive experience in Mexico and the Caribbean. The model attracts travelers with convenience, security, and a sense of cost control and budget. So much so that major hotel brands like Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott have invested heavily in the model, including at the luxury end."

Travelers undeterred by continuing concerns

As exciting as summer vacations can be, travelers continue to deal with concerns that have recently plagued both the economy and the travel industry. Fifty-four percent of respondents stated that their top concern is higher prices for travel than they are accustomed to. The second largest concern for travelers is canceled or delayed flights, with 48% stating that it’s their biggest worry. 

Since last year, canceled and delayed flights have been a major challenge for the industry, which may continue in the coming months as TSA is expecting a potential record number of travelers to pass through the country's airports this summer. Meanwhile, several major airlines recently announced they are trimming summertime service amid concerns about air traffic control staffing levels.

Regardless of the majority of respondents indicating that their main concerns this year are higher prices and cancellations or delays, 48% stated that they intend to spend more on travel this year than they did last year. 

Prioritizing mental health with help from advisors

When asked why respondents aim to take more summer vacations, responses revealed something about the true nature of travel. Of the over 1,000 surveyed respondents, over 40% indicated that bettering their mental health and wellness was their main reason for wanting to take a trip. Others claimed they wanted to experience new places and cultures, pleasure and relaxation, and spend more time with family. 

With many still reeling from the effects of Covid, peace of mind and security have become incredibly important to those trying to make travel plans. Because of this, travel advisors have grown in popularity, allowing travelers to not worry over every detail of their summer vacations. This leads to 60% of respondents stating that they plan to book their trip through a travel advisor.  

“A skilled travel advisor knows that finding the best and most affordable travel options is just the beginning for travelers,” says Tara Minson, executive vice president of InteleTravel. “They also have the expertise to consider alternative modes of transportation, such as cruises, that can provide an equally enjoyable and cost-effective travel experience. Their strength lies in their ability to think creatively, tailor itineraries to individual preferences, and ultimately help travelers make the most of their journey.”

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