Planning the Perfect Honeymoon Cruise

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Marriage is one of the most important chapters in a person’s life, and the subsequent honeymoon will endure in newlyweds’ hearts indefinitely. As such, it must be perfect. Embarking on a romantic cruise with your significant other is a fantastic way to solidify this special union and share quality time together while enjoying the beauty and serenity of the open sea and creating unforgettable memories. 

There are plenty of luxurious cruise options for intrepid newlyweds, and with countless destinations, activities, and experiences across the globe, choosing and securing the ideal honeymoon cruise can be overwhelming. 

Use an Advisor for Stress-Free Planning 

If you’re looking forward to a luxury cruise adventure but don’t want the stress associated with planning such a significant excursion, your best bet is to work with a certified travel advisor to plan and book your arrangements for you. 

The right travel advisor will do all the legwork to ensure you find the optimal cruise line, accommodations, itinerary, and destination for your needs. They also have access to exclusive deals and promotions through their connections with travel suppliers and businesses, which can result in additional perks and upgrades both on board and at your port of call—including luxury offerings such as fine-dining reservations, complimentary spa treatments, and other romantic activities. 

Advisors are uniquely positioned to make your magical vacation even better. No matter what kind of honeymoon cruise you’re after, working with an advisor will also add value to your trip.

Find the Perfect Destination & Itinerary 

One of the hardest aspects of honeymoon planning is choosing the right destination and activities to enjoy with your partner. Whether you’re looking forward to destination hopping, or you plan on spending most of your time on the ship, working with an advisor will certainly take all the guesswork out of your cruise planning process, but you’ll still have to think about exactly what kind of experience you’re seeking. 

There are plenty of romantic and exotic locations both close to home and abroad that make for perfect and unforgettable honeymoon destinations. Once you narrow down your favorites, your advisor will help set up the arrangements by finding the perfect cruise line destinations and creating the best itinerary based on your preferences. 

Choosing the Right Cruise Line 

In addition to selecting the right destination to spend your honeymoon, finding the right cruise line to take you there is just as important. Every cruise line has its own unique aesthetic, amenities and activities, so choosing the right cruise company and ship for your needs means knowing what experiences you’re after. 

For a honeymoon excursion, luxury is the name of the game, and there are a variety of such cruise lines operating all across the globe. Your honeymoon is a special occasion where you’re expected (and even encouraged) to splurge, so don’t be afraid to indulge in fabulous meals from Michelin-starred restaurants, exciting activities, entertainment opportunities, and premium cabins or suites to fully make the most of your romantic getaway. 

Prioritize Fun in an Intimate Setting

Your honeymoon is meant for you and your significant other, and there are a variety of cruise lines offering more intimate settings for honeymooners, along with countless opportunities to relax and pamper yourselves while enjoying adults-only sun decks and hammocks, hot tubs, massage and spa treatments, and private dining. 

Onboard activities include dancing, trying your hands at the casino, or catching a show or concert. There may also be opportunities for some romantic seclusion at your port of call—yet another incredible reason to consult with a travel advisor! 

When you set sail on the right cruise ship with your partner, you’ll never have a dull moment on board. 

With so much fun and excitement just waiting for you out on the open seas, connect with an InteleTravel Advisor to help arrange your honeymoon cruise itinerary. Our experienced and certified honeymoon cruise experts will work with you to make your special trip even more unforgettable. 

To start planning your magical honeymoon vacation, contact an InteleTravel Advisor today!

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