The Best Cruise Lines for Couples

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Imagine standing on the deck of a ship, your arms wrapped around your loved one as it veers toward a surreal, violet-pink sunset melting like hot wax into an endless, swirling ocean. The silky swoon of a saxophone beckons you back inside, where a live band is just beginning another set of smooth jazz standards to coincide with absolutely tantalizing desserts from around the world. Soon, the moon illuminates the night in a brilliant, otherworldly glow as countless sparkling diamonds dance atop gentle, ever-lulling waves.

There are few experiences more romantic than a cruise. From breathtaking seascapes and savory cuisines to intimate moments and unforgettable adventures in exotic destinations, these enchanting voyages are perfect getaways for couples craving quality time together far from the stressors and worries of daily life.

With countless cruise lines charting infinite courses around the globe, determining the best fleets for the most memorable experiences with your special someone can be overwhelming, to say the least. So we did the difficult work for you, narrowing down this formidable list into several cruise lines boasting the most amorous features, amenities, activities, and destinations for couples lusting for luxury, excitement, passion, and high-quality pampering.

Here are several of the best cruise lines for couples:

Holland America Line

This premium cruise line offers a variety of remarkable international destinations, itineraries, and amenities perfect for couples traversing the gorgeous, open seas.

Enjoy a 35-Day Hawaii and Tahiti cruise from San Diego highlighting some of the most beautiful parts of The Aloha State and French Polynesia. Lounge in the warm, tropical sands of Aruba on one of several Caribbean itineraries, and savor this island escape. Make the most of these enchanting destinations with your special someone by venturing on romantic sightseeing expeditions, water activities, and candlelit dinners.

Holland America’s fleet of mid-sized ships boast smaller guest capacity for more intimate voyages, and with two to three crew members for every passenger, provides unparalleled levels of sublime comfort and service.

Enjoy the dreamy Neptune Spa Suite with your loved one, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, a private veranda, full-size whirlpool bath, and king-sized bed, among many other incredible amenities. Guests also have exclusive access to spa treatments from Greenhouse Spa & Salon, and the private Neptune Lounge—the perfect place to relax or socialize while enjoying complimentary refreshments and personalized concierge services.

Holland America Line also offers a Have It All cruise package, which includes all the incredible advantages of multiple deals—including shore excursion credits, its Wi-Fi Surf Package, complimentary signature beverage package, and specialty dining at Pinnacle Grill, Canaletto or Tamarind—for one affordable price!

Celebrity Cruises

This upscale cruise line is perfect for couples craving luxury as well as high-seas romance—with a wide selection of exciting destinations and high-quality services and amenities. available, Celebrity Cruises has just what you need.

Whether you’re looking to set sail on a tropical Caribbean excursion or scenic European adventure, Celebrity Cruises boasts 280 ports in 77 enchanting destinations across the globe with more than 4,000 shore excursions to enjoy with your loved one.

Celebrity ships feature sleek, modern styles designed with comfort and elegance in mind. In addition to excellent service and premium amenities, the cruise line features extraordinary accommodations—with more than 85 percent of its fleet’s staterooms hosting their own private verandas.

Book Celebrity’s all-inclusive suite experience, The Retreat, offering guests their choice of beautiful spacious suites, special cuisine options such as private dining at its Luminae restaurant, and access to exclusive facilities including Retreat Sundeck and Retreat Lounge, where you can kick back and enjoy some quality time with each other in luxury.

This package is perfect for couples seeking high-end services and amenities in an intimate setting.

Viking Cruises

Offering a wide selection of ocean, river, and expedition cruise itineraries, Viking Cruises sails voyages for every type of amorous traveler!

Embark on the Mediterranean Odyssey itinerary through a lovely tour of Tuscany, Venice, Barcelona, and more. Explore, hand in hand, the breathtaking landscape. Bask in the warmth and culture of these romance capitals, and enjoy some traditional regional cuisine while gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Share an intimate river cruise through the heart of Paris, along with a moonlit dinner on a private veranda overlooking the Eiffel Tower. There’s no shortage of romantic cruise options!

While room sizes and styles may differ depending on the cruise and ship, Viking features a fantastic selection of comfortable, spacious staterooms with great views and premium amenities for couples.

Enjoy a Penthouse Veranda suite with more floor room than traditional suites, a private balcony, larger drawers and more storage space, and plenty of unique design touches further enhancing your stay. Travel bonuses include priority restaurant reservations, binoculars, and a complimentary bottle of champagne upon arrival.

Oceania Cruises

This globe-trotting cruise line features itineraries for every continent, along with a wide array of activities and tours simmering with passion and excitement.

Whether a Caribbean voyage or expansive, around the world experience, Oceania’s fleet of smaller luxury ships offer the highest levels of comfort and personalized service, courtesy of its attentive and dedicated staff.

Relish in exotic destinations and cultures while enjoying sizzling adventures at sea with your loved one. These cruises are loaded with onboard entertainment ranging from unforgettable live shows and concerts to nonstop bonding activities and never-ending shopping opportunities.

Oceania ships serve internationally inspired cuisines and dining options, as well as health and wellness services and facilities. This includes its new Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center, replete with a host of pampering spa treatments, healthy meals, fitness courses, and wellness tours at select destinations. Rejuvenate each other with relaxing spa treatments or explore some of the many local flavors and activities ashore.

Spacious cabins host relaxing and inviting decor, along with cozy furnishings for high-quality relaxation. Concierge-Level Veranda Staterooms boast plenty of luxurious amenities and perks including free laundry service, expanded room service dining, and unlimited access to Oceania’s Aquamar Spa Terrace—where you and your special someone can melt away together amid unbelievable ocean views and supreme serenity!

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