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What Not to Pack: 4 Things to Stop Packing Right Now

Posted at Mar 17, 2016 11:17:41 AM in Leisure Travel by InteleTravel

Let’s all be honest here. There are plenty of items that we have all packed before we leave on a trip and have absolutely never used once we get where we’re going. There are also those items that we’ve packed and used that have made us look absolutely ridiculous. You know what we’re going to talk about - they start with “f” and end in “pack” and are completely unflattering.

As your go-to travel advisors, we thought it necessary to stop the madness. Save your money, luggage space and frustration by avoiding these generally unnecessary but commonly packed items.

Here are four things that you should stop packing right now:

What Not To Pack: Obnoxious Oversized Sunhats

1. Obnoxious Oversized Sunhats

Enormous sunhats truly are more of a nuisance than a helpful sun blocker. First of all, you can’t store them, which makes a ton of sense since they are typically around three feet wide. The only way to transport one of these oversized sunhats is to either let it rest on an entire seat to itself, or store it in an overhead bin. You’ll generally realize within a few hours that it’s more of a hassle than you anticipated, and you’ll begin to understand that a pair of sunglasses and a normal-sized hat would have done the job with much less of a struggle. Sunhats also block the view of anybody within a 10-foot radius of you. Not a very courteous first impression if you want to ask your fellow travelers something, let alone a native.


What Not To Pack: Fanny Packs 

2. Fanny Packs

Aside from making you immediately stand out as an obvious tourist, fanny packs (or waist packs) are uncomfortable both to wear and to look at. They also let any potential thieves not only know that you’re out of your element, but that all of your valuables are stuffed into an 11-inch pack conveniently resting on your hip, just ripe for the taking. 

Believe us: Whatever you normally wear to store your items in is probably your best bet to make you feel most comfortable.

Aside from oversized handbags, of course. Use your small-to-medium-sized handbag when you’re on a trip.


What Not To Pack: Too Many Shoes

3. Lots of Extra Shoes

We all are victims of overpacking, especially when it comes to our shoes. We always pack those “just in case” shoes, and yet we invariably tend to realize by the last day of the trip that we basically wore the same pair or two the entire time. Save yourself some room and leave the extra pairs at home.


What Not To Pack: Workout Clothes

4. Workout Clothes

If you’re a workout freak, this doesn’t apply to you—and we actually have a few healthy travel tips just for you!—but let’s be honest here, if you don’t work out on a regular basis at home, what makes you think that you’re suddenly going to become a gym junkie once you have a small cardio room down the hall in your hotel? Save yourself the space and the aggravation of another failed attempt to work out while on vacation. The sight of your running shoes will only make you feel guilty when you’re trying to pack that bottle of authentic tequila for the trip home.


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