10 Reasons You Should Go on a Cruise

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Planning your next vacation? You might be weighing your options to decide which type is your best bet. For the reasons outlined below, and many more, cruises provide the ultimate vacation experiences! 

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider a cruise vacation.

1. Unique Experiences

Cruising provides the opportunity to not only fully enjoy and experience your ultimate destination, but the voyage there! 

From exotic port excursions and diverse onboard activities to absolutely breathtaking ocean views and delectable dining options—cruising gives guests the chance to see the world while sharing special moments together in comfort and luxury. 

2. Cruises Offer Amazing Value for Travelers 

Cruises feature affordable and all-inclusive options for incredible value. Your fare includes everything from accommodations and food to entertainment and transportation between destinations. Some also offer options that cover off-board activities, alcohol and soft drinks, gratuities, flights, and more. 

Mainstream cruise lines can cost $120 or less per night, per person—much more affordable than what a hotel, dinner, and entertainment for an evening out might cost. Some cruise lines allow children under a certain age to sail for free, while others offer significant discounts.

3. Multiple Destinations in a Single Trip

Like the idea of checking off multiple places all at once from your bucket list? Cruises enable you to visit various locations on one voyage. Whether that’s several Caribbean islands or a variety of European countries, you can easily find a cruise itinerary stopping at all your dream destinations. 

The best part—you’ll only have to unpack once!

4. Plenty of Onboard Activities

Cruise lines offer a wealth of onboard facilities, activities, and amenities to enjoy—from  waterparks, bars, casinos, swimming pools, and jacuzzis to basketball courts, comedy clubs, gyms, spas, theaters, concert venues, rides, lounges, and more! 

5. There’s Something for Everyone 

Cruises serve a wide range of activities and interests. While one deck may be dedicated to activities for children, another might host teen night and bingo, while yet another may feature adult nightlife, dancing, and lounges. Read a book by the pool, get a massage at the spa, shoot some basketball, or send your kids off to play video games while you dine and catch a show.

6. They Offer Truly Spectacular Views 

Quintessential features of any cruise are the breathtaking views. Experience the sheer beauty and majesty of the vast, open sea. Gaze in awe as exotic landscapes and communities pass by. Hold your loved ones tight as the sun fills the morning and early evening skies in kaleidoscopic hues, and dance beneath the countless stars illuminating an endless night. 

Such spectacular scenes make cruising an unforgettable experience, ideal for special occasions and romantic getaways. 

7. Cruises Serve Diverse Cuisines 

Cruising provides a wide selection of international dining opportunities for a diverse spectrum of guests, whether gourmet foodies, fussy eaters, or requiring special diets.

Sample unique local cuisine from your port visits, enjoy curated selections from onboard eateries and fine-dining spots, or high-quality room service. One thing is for sure: You’ll never be hungry for long during your cruise vacation! 

8. Cruise at Your Own Speed 

Another advantage of cruising is the amount of options and control guests have regarding their experiences. With a diversity of cruise lines, ship sizes, port excursions, onboard activities, and accommodations to consider, there are countless opportunities to find and curate your optimal voyage! 

Some cruise lines even feature a “ship within a ship” concept with exclusive areas and facilities onboard to make your experience even better, including The Haven by Norwegian Cruise Line, The Retreat by Celebrity Cruises, and the MSC Yacht Club. These private, upgraded areas offer guests incredible amenities such as private pools, specialty restaurants, lounges, butler service, and more to provide a different experience for multi-generational families or multi-budget groups traveling together.

9. Travel Without Losing Touch  

Although sailing through vast, open waters, you’ll never feel lost at sea. Today’s cruise ship guests enjoy wi-fi service, and even satellite TV. They feature healthcare services, fitness rooms, laundry services, restaurants, spas, and much, much more.

10. Cruises Are a Busy Traveler’s Dream 

Cruises feature everything you could ever want from a dream vacation: an abundance of onboard activities and port excursions, a diverse menu of high-quality dining options, a wide variety of port excursions, absolutely breathtaking views, and so much more—all in one convenient package. 

It's also a good idea to take advantage of “Wave Season” deals extending from January through March, when cruise travelers can find some very best industry-wide offers of the year on cruise itineraries, so you can save big on your next seafaring holiday!

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