Unique Cruise Destinations: Sardinia

beautiful coastline of Sardinia, Italy

If you’re planning a cruise, there are few destinations featuring more sheer beauty or splendor than the Italian island of Sardinia.

Also known as Sardegna, this jewel of the Mediterranean Sea west of mainland Italy and south of Corsica boasts spectacular landscapes, nearly 1,200 miles of soft sand beaches, and a wide variety of cultural sites and attractions guaranteed to make your cruise vacation truly unforgettable.

What Sets Sardinia Apart?

Sardinia is renowned for its vibrant coastal communities, beautiful turquoise waters, ancient ruins, unique rock formations, and more.

Travelers can explore mesmerizing natural wonders, sample delectable cuisine, and immerse themselves in its rich local culture.

Visit picturesque villages such as Fonni, 1,000 meters above sea level with spectacular panoramic views of gorgeous mountain landscapes, or Bosa, with colorful homes and buildings situated on the side of a hill overlooking the glittering Temo River.

Tour historic and prehistoric sites scattered throughout the island, including Nuraghe’s ancient megalithic edifices exclusive to Sardinia as defensive military posts dating to 730 B.C., or incredible archeological attractions such as its holy well, a Bronze Age formation design for water worship.

The island hosts myriad phenomenal natural landscapes and sightseeing opportunities for visitors of all kinds. Its idyllic beaches also boast the perfect waves and wind conditions for watersports including surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing.

The island’s historic coastal capital Cagliari is a perfect blend of Old World and contemporary charm. It’s replete with historic monuments, cultural sites, and attractions, as well as plenty of modern luxuries such as.

Peruse artisan shops and boutiques along Via Garibaldi and Via Manno, stop for a bite at one of the delicious bistros and restaurants scattered throughout the city, or survey the diverse array of undersea life with a scuba or snorkeling adventure in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The city is also home to one of the largest sea ports in the Mediterranean, Cagliari Cruise Port.

What Are the Most Popular Cruise Lines & Port Activities for a Sardinia Sailing?

When it comes to island vacations, cruising is one of the best ways to explore new and exciting destinations, and choosing the right line for Sardinia can make a huge difference in your overall experience.

Here are some of the most popular cruise lines and port excursions for a Sardinia vacation:

Celebrity Cruises

Known for providing premium cruising experiences, Celebrity Cruises offers incredible itineraries, fantastic onboard features and amenities, and exceptional service.

Guests can enjoy a 13-Night Spain and Mediterranean voyage, which includes a port stop at Cagliari, a variety of exciting excursions and activities, and a wide selection of high-end facilities and entertainment options that make Celebrity one of the premier names in luxury cruises.

As you drift by the Italian coastline on your way to the port, you’ll be treated to an immaculate view of the vibrant seaside communities and marvelous castles and cathedrals that call the city home.

Explore the island at your leisure with a selection of amazing shore excursions and activities.

The Sardinian 4x4 & Hike Adventure takes guests on an exciting journey through some of Italy's most alluring wilderness, from Sardinia's Santa Giulia Pond to Mount Arcosu, hiking or via off-road vehicles.

Check out Sardinia's Cagliari City Sightseeing Tour for a four-hour trek through some of the most popular and scenic sites around the city, including the National Archeology Museum, Cathedral of Santa Marta, Arsenale Square, San Pancrazio Tower, Piazzetta Mundula, and more.

Take a 20-minute ride from the port to Poetto Beach, Italy’s longest, to lounge on warm, white sands, or take a swim or boat ride in the sparkling turquoise waters.

Book The Retreat, a private, all-inclusive Celebrity suite experience featuring a stunning selection of premium suites and luxury accommodations, exclusive service and amenities such as complimentary drinks and free onboard credits, and access to private facilities such as lounges, restaurants, and sundecks.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line has a reputation for providing an extensive array of fun, onboard entertainment and activities, along with its trademark “Freestyle Cruising” concept— eliminating dress codes and set dining times, and giving guests even more freedom over their cruise experiences.

Book a nine- or 10-day Mediterranean: Italy, France & Spain cruise itinerary and check out Norwegian’s sensational selection of shore excursions spanning a range of travel styles and preferences.

Culinary travelers can enjoy Cagliari & Wine Tasting, which includes a scenic tour of the island’s capital city Cagliari, a visit to some of its leading wine estates and vineyards, and a trip to southern comune Serdiana for exceptional wine tasting.

History buffs and cultural enthusiasts will have fun exploring the ancient structures and formations of the Barumini - UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring historic strongholds, centuries-old villages, and other well-preserved sites and artifacts.

For a deep dive into the rich traditions and flavors of Sardinia, the Folklore, Tastes & Sights excursion takes guests to cultural landmarks around the island.

Whether you plan on experiencing Sardinia firsthand or from the comfort of your luxurious stateroom, Norwegian Cruise Line has everything you need for an unforgettable time!

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

For a cruise adventure boasting unparalleled luxury, phenomenal dining options, and stunning shore excursions and activities, Regent Seven Seas Cruises is the way to go.

Known for “The World’s Most Luxurious Fleet,” Regent Seven Seas features lavish and comfortable accommodations, a passenger capacity of less than 750 people for plenty of onboard space, and access to the island’s other ports including Olbia/Porto Cervo and Porto Torres.

Ingratiate yourself in the authentic culture with activities such as hands-on pasta cooking tutorials, sightseeing at Capo Caccia for spectacular views of limestone cliffs and the unique nuraghi formations, and a walking tour along the cobbled streets of Alghero for a look at the various shops and restaurants.

Check out the Highlights of Cagliari excursion for an immersive walking tour, and catch a breathtaking panorama of the city from Parco di Monte Urpinu. Visit historic sites such as the Tower of Saint Pancras and Pisan Romanesque cathedral, and soak in the sun at Poetto Beach.

Go on the Panoramic Tour of the northeast to traverse the dramatic landscapes and lush environments along the scenic Costa Smeralda, or take a train journey through the striking countryside aboard a private vintage train to the picturesque Gallura region.

No matter how you want to experience this majestic island destination, Regent Seven Seas offers plenty of great options and activities to make the most of your Sardinia island getaway.

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