Are There Any Education Resources Available Through InteleTravel?

While there aren’t any requirements to become a travel agent, there are countless education resources available through InteleTravel in order for you to learn as much as possible about the travel industry. You will have access to several online courses, live events, industry organizations and other training resources—most of which are free, or at a nominal fee paid to others.

Here are just some of the education resources available through InteleTravel that will help you become a travel expert.


Interactive webinars take place once a week hosted by an InteleTravel representatives and featuring a live top industry travel supplier as a guest.  You get the opportunity to ask a question directly to a preferred supplier executives like Norwegian Cruise Line, Disney  and Oceania Cruises & hundreds more. You’ll learn about important travel insights, new programs or promotions and tips on how to grow your business.

Destination Specialist Programs

If you want to become an expert in a particular location, such as Mexico, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Brazil or Bermuda, there are plenty of Destination Specialist programs that can help you accomplish this goal. This way, you can focus on one travel destination and help your clients plan incredible trips there.


Seminars-at-Sea gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with other InteleTravel agents, as well as become more knowledgeable about InteleTravel’s marketing and sales tools, all while traveling yourself. What better form of education is there than to be able to see, feel, touch and taste the very thing you will be selling?

InteleTravel Boot Camps

Similarly to Seminars-at-Sea, the InteleTravel Boot Camp events are a fun way to become more informed about all things travel and meet other agents. Agents will stay at a partner hotel or resort, such as Club Med or Sandals Resorts, and recieve intense training in the form of seminars, workshops live panels, contests and interactive games. This is the most FUN education you will ever recieve...afterall it is TRAVEL you're learning about.

Supplier Courses

You can take free online training courses offered by some of InteleTravel’s preferred partners. So, if you want to obtain more information about a specific supplier, these programs will be a big help. Suppliers who provide these education resources available through InteleTravel include Disney, SeaWorld, Princess Cruises, Crystal Cruises and SuperClubs. You can also earn a degree through the Costa Online Sales Training Academy or Travel Agent Academy. All of them are self paced courses and some take just an hour to complete.   

Being an InteleTravel agent is supposed to be a fun way to earn a living or extra income. You aren’t required to utilize any of the education resources available through InteleTravel. However, these are enjoyable, experiential courses and events in order to help you grow as an agent—not dry, boring classroom stuff. Remember, the more you learn, the more you earn.

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