The Perfect, Part-Time Job (From Home!) For Travel Enthusiasts

There are many considerations to keep in mind when looking for a part-time job from home. Not only should it pay well, but it should be more enjoyable than stressful. Who wants to spend their time working at an unsatisfying job when there are better options out there?

Becoming an independent travel agent is the perfect, part-time job from home opportunity, particularly for travel lovers, in which you can spend your time helping loved ones plan their vacations, learning about different travel destinations, and getting to travel yourself.

A part-time job from home worth looking into

InteleTravel is a travel host agency where as soon as you sign up, you instantly become an independent travel agent. However, unlike jobs at travel agencies, you don’t need to get licensed or work under an immense amount of stress because you’re trying to meet certain deadlines.

InteleTravel-Blog-WorkFromHome1As an InteleTravel agent, you can book travel for anyone—yourself, family, friends, neighbors, and whomever else needs help planning a trip. For each sale you make, you earn a commission* – even for travel for yourself. And since there aren’t any sales quotas to meet, you can book travel at any time, for as many people as you would like. Although this is an ideal, part-time job from home, you can make this your full-time job if you want to. There are some agents who begin by helping friends and family, but end up growing their clientele as a result of their passion for the job.

Here’s an example:

If your brother is looking to go on a vacation with his family, you’ll be able to book airfare, lodging, travel insurance, entertainment, tours—whatever he needs—right from your living room. Based on what you sell, you’ll earn money.

And thanks to InteleTravel’s partnerships with major travel brands, such as American Airlines, Carnival Cruises, and Hilton Hotels and Resorts, your brother won’t have to pay an astronomical amount of money for the trip. In fact, InteleTravel guarantees that they offer the best travel deals.

Easy to get started

Joining InteleTravel is an easy process that you can do right online. There’s a one-time enrollment fee of $199. After that, it’s only $39.95 per month. But remember, 

how to become a travel agentOnce you’re signed up, you can jump right into booking travel, which can be done through your InteleTravel account, suppliers’ websites, or by phone. However, if you have any questions, you have an incredible support system at InteleTravel who will help you every step of the way.

Additionally, there are many educational resources available through InteleTravel in order for agents to not only learn more about travel, suppliers, and locations, but each other as well. Although it isn’t required that you take any classes or go on any trips, it is encouraged! This is why being an InteleTravel agent is a dream part-time job from home, particularly for people who are enthusiastic about anything and everything travel.

Start earning today: become a work from home travel agent.

*Commissions are not calculated on taxes and other fees, and may be subject to industry standard adjustment by credit card processors and for technology or transaction costs. Commissions shown are examples and not a guarantee of income. 
Travel rates are subject to error, omission and change based on travel dates, availability and other industry factors.

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