Dominica: The Best Caribbean Island for Hiking

Island of Dominica with Smoky Path

For nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, the mountainous topography and verdant tropical scenery of the Caribbean Islands are ideal vacation destinations, each offering extraordinary opportunities for exploration and appreciation of natural beauty—yet when it comes to hiking, Dominica stands a cut above the rest.

What Makes Dominica a Hiking Hotspot?

A small volcanic island located in the eastern Caribbean Sea near Guadeloupe and Martinique, Dominica is a true hidden gem for venturesome travelers looking to hit the trails and enjoy the island on their own terms.

Commonly referred to as the “Nature Island” of the Caribbean, Dominica boasts thousands of acres of lush and undisturbed rainforests, scenic waterfalls, monumental mountains, and so much more. Dominica has experienced less development than its neighboring islands, leaving much of its natural wonders largely undisturbed.

For avid hikers, the island offers a phenomenal range of guided or independent activities, and picturesque walking trails for adventurers of all levels.

Best Hiking Trails in Dominica 

With vast expanses of lush green forests, enormous mountains and volcanoes, and breathtaking natural wonders throughout, Dominica is truly a unique island for those who appreciate the outdoors.

Here are some of the best hiking trails in Dominica:

Waitukubuli National Trail

Stretching 115 miles, Waitukubuli National Trail is the first long-distance walking trail in the Caribbean, as well as the largest, extending nearly the entire length of the island.

It's divided into 14 segments of varying difficulty and terrain, each with distinct characteristics and natural appeal—granting guests amazing views, from rainforests and waterfalls to native villages and wildlife.

Hiking one of these segments is a day-long venture, even for experienced hikers, so travelers will have plenty to keep them occupied, whether hiking a single section or an entire trail.

Boiling Lake Trail

One of the more exotic offerings in the Caribbean, Boiling Lake Trail boasts some of the most unique highlights of the island, including rainforests, a mountain peak, active volcanic caldera, waterfalls, and crystal-clear rivers.

It is part of Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its amazing array of natural wonders, unique habitats, and exciting attractions. The route begins at Titou Gorge and leads into Dominica’s dense forest, sporting some truly amazing geological features and formations from its volcanic origins—including steaming volcanic mountain caps, hot bubbling mud pools, and warm rivers.

This day-long trail serves as a test of endurance, as well as a spiritual journey offering a rare look at one of the most beautiful and remote portions of the Caribbean.

Morne Anglais Mountain Trail

Morne Anglais Mountain Trail winds along one of the tallest peaks on the island, and is extremely popular due to its relatively easy terrain and inclines, as well as fantastic scenic views.

It starts in the aptly nicknamed “Flower Town” of Giraudel, and steeply climbs, cutting through the rainforest. Hikers enjoy sights of semi-active volcanoes and the towering Morne Diablotin, Dominica’s tallest mountain.

Those who make it to the end are treated to a spectacular, panoramic view of nearly the entire island, and if lucky, on clear enough days can even glimpse the neighboring islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Travelers who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and engaging with nature will absolutely adore Dominica. With so much to do and see—from lush, tropical landscapes and white-sand beaches to glorious scenic vistas, breathtaking mountain views, and so much more—Dominica is the perfect Caribbean destination to kick back and relax, go for an exciting adventure, or anything in between.

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