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How to Attract Your Perfect Client

Posted at Feb 24, 2017 12:22:33 PM in For Agents by InteleTravel

How to Attract Your Perfect Client

So, you're an independent travel agent.


You've done your research, you have a personalized website, and you may have dived into some social media promotion tactics.

You're doing everything you can to rev up your business, right?

Maybe—but maybe not.

In the travel industry, it's hard to attract clients who are perfect for you if you haven't put in the extra elbow grease to target them specifically.

Remember, everybody travels—but trying to appeal to everybody will likely result in appealing to no one.

Streamlining your marketing efforts is the first step to attracting your ideal client.

In fact, focusing on a unique selling proposition allows businesses to generate more sales than if they try to appeal to everyone.


Because 1) focusing on a niche market lets you narrow your marketing, concentrate your content production and allocate your resources toward a specific sector that you are sure will like what you're selling and 2) buyers can tell when someone doesn't have any expertise in what they're offering.

Once you've decided what your niche is and who exactly you're trying to reach, ask yourself these questions about your ideal client:

1. How do they feel about planning their trip when they call you? Are they overwhelmed, excited, nervous or confused?

2. What type of trip are they looking for? Are they interested in learning about other cultures? Are they trying to spend some quality time with their family? Do they prefer luxurious amenities or are they willing to rough it?

3. Why do they want to go through a travel agent for booking? Are they just super busy or do they really want your expertise for a specific destination?

After you have this figured out, you'll gain a deeper understanding of who you're speaking to and you'll be more focused on attracting the client who's right for you.

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