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The Best Travel Emojis Ever

Posted at May 20, 2016 9:35:54 AM in Leisure Travel by InteleTravel

InteleTravel-TravelEmojis.jpgThe Best Travel Emojis Ever

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the emoji is worth double.

During a time when entire scenarios, sentences and emotions can be conveyed simply through these teeny little pictures, it’s crucial to know just what they all mean—and how to use ’em on vacation!

If you’re stuck in an emoji-rut and can’t fathom using another basic smiley-face to convey your jubilation of lounging in paradise, we’ve got your back.

Here’s our guide to the best travel emojis out there!

Smileys & People

Nothing is better than an emoji that describes your life at the moment. Use these perfect smileys to let everybody know what you’re up to:

The Best Travel Emojis EverThis is a go-to sunglasses emoji for all the sunshine you’re going to enjoy on your vacay. You’ll need it at least a couple of times, but don’t overdo it. You’ve got more creativity than this.

The Best Travel Emojis EverUse this emoji when you post an image of something so absolutely breathtaking that your eyes are overcome with love and joy. Again, this one can be overdone—only use when needed.

The Best Travel Emojis EverThe perfect emoji to use when that elephant you got to pet in Thailand just relieved himself near your sandals.

The Best Travel Emojis EverThis is the “oh no!” symbol you can use if the airline loses your suitcase.

The Best Travel Emojis EverHad an amazing meal? HALLELUIA! Praise that food!

The Best Travel Emojis EverThis is the one to let everybody know that you are going to boogie down tonight. Super perfect if you’re doing some salsa, but it really can be used to celebrate all dance styles.

The Best Travel Emojis EverLet everybody know what you’ll be wearing all week while they’re locked up in their cubicles. No hard feelings—it’s your vacation wardrobe!


Animals & Nature

Now’s the time to rock those animal emojis you think are so adorable but never have the right post to use them in. African Safari? Emojis got you covered.

The Best Travel Emojis EverYou hung out with an adorable monkey today. No big deal.

The Best Travel Emojis EverYou’re having the best time at the zoo and here’s a tiger face to prove it.

The Best Travel Emojis EverYou finally went horseback-riding! Here’s the perfect symbol for you.

The Best Travel Emojis EverEmoji lesson: There are two camel symbols. Here is the more common camel found in Africa and India known as the dromedary camel. Notice it has one hump, unlike—

The Best Travel Emojis Ever—the two-humped bactrian camel, found in Central Asia. Don’t be an emoji chump: count the humps!

The Best Travel Emojis EverDid you score a dream trip to Botswana? This elephant emoji will do the trick.

The Best Travel Emojis EverScuba diving in the Bahamas? Use this tropical fish emoji to describe your plans!

The Best Travel Emojis EverQuintessential for your tropical vacation, use the palm tree to symbolize just how bright and colorful your week ahead is!

The Best Travel Emojis EverStar-gazing on a camping trip? This is the perfect emoji to depict the blanket of stars you’ll be sleeping under.


Food & Drink

Food is so culture-oriented and we love being able to get creative with our emojis AND our palates!

The Best Travel Emojis EverThere’s no better way to say “vacation” quite like this tropical drink emoji. We feel very strongly here – this one can never be too overused. Throw that emoji on everything.

The Best Travel Emojis EverIsn’t it exciting when you can use an emoji that you may not use all the time? This Japanese bento box is the perfect symbol for when you travel to Japan.

The Best Travel Emojis EverThough you probably have your fair share of delicious tacos back home, it’s even more fun to use this emoji when you’re having the real thing down in Mexico!

The Best Travel Emojis EverCheers to vacay! Just like the tropical drink emoji, you can’t overuse some clinking beers to show that you’re having a great time. And, what’s better, no spills!



If you lead an active lifestyle, odds are you won’t be lounging around all vacation long. Here are some active emojis to express exactly how you’re getting down!

The Best Travel Emojis EverDid somebody say Vegas?

The Best Travel Emojis EverSnowboarding in Colorado? This is the perfect emoji for you!

The Best Travel Emojis EverIf golf is more your speed, use this emoji to let your friends back home know you’re spending your day on the fairway and hoping for a hole in one!


Travel & Places

The Best Travel Emojis EverUse this emoji to let your friends and family know when you’ll be flying home. If you want to get more specific, you have three other airplane emojis to choose from: a small plane, a departing plane and an arriving plane.

The Best Travel Emojis EverHopefully you can avoid this emoji—but you never know when you might need it. #wildnight

The Best Travel Emojis EverVisiting some landmarks? Here’s the Tokyo Tower…

The Best Travel Emojis Ever… and the Statue of Liberty.

The Best Travel Emojis EverHere’s a cityscape for you.

The Best Travel Emojis EverVisiting the mountains? You have four emojis to choose from! Here’s the basic mountain.

The Best Travel Emojis EverHere’s a snow-capped one.

The Best Travel Emojis EverHere’s an erupting mountain, just in case.

The Best Travel Emojis EverAnd Mount Fuji, if you’re in Japan and having a peak experience.

The Best Travel Emojis EverThis is your beach day emoji…

The Best Travel Emojis EverAnd this widely underused sports stadium!


Objects & Symbols

The Best Travel Emojis EverThis alarm clock lets everybody know how early you had to wake up to go to the beach again.

The Best Travel Emojis EverHere’s the party popper, because we love the party popper! Not the same as the party pooper.

The Best Travel Emojis EverWhen you’re really exhausted from your awesome trip, use this emoji.

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