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4 Unique Travel Apps You Need

Posted at Oct 24, 2016 2:26:45 PM in by InteleTravel

4 Unique Travel Apps You Need

You already know we love our apps!

We’ve already brought you our favorite packing apps, and some of our top picks for 2016, we’ve even gone so far as to bring some business apps for the savvy biz traveler – so why not dig a little deeper and find you guys five more that we absolutely looove?

This time around we’re bringing you some apps that cover a variety of topics, from safety tips to photography routes to finding out what other travelers are up to.

Let’s be honest here – having new apps to play with never gets old!


GlympsePhoto Credit: Play Store

This app shares your location with friends and family, and also lets you see where they are! It's perfect for a wandering traveler. If you lose your tour group, they can track you down so you’ll always be able to get back on track.


LivetrekkerPhoto Credit: Play Store

This is an amazing app for those who love to explore their destination. LiveTrekker tracks your routes on beautiful maps and allows you to share them in real time. Travelling to a new place? You can also discover routes submitted by the community or curated by the LiveTrekker team. There’s nothing like seeing the world, so see more of it with LiveTrekker.


Photo Credit: App Store

TripWire is basically social media for traveling. You’ll be connected to other travelers and be able to get live updates about what's going on at your destination. Best places to eat? Nearby events? TripWire has it all! You can also store your memories, share your experiences and maybe even cross paths with some virtual travel buddies!


Photo Credit: App Store

Fripito is a world-class travel photography guide. If you love making photography trips, this app will point you in the right direction toward the best places to photograph and the best times to shoot. These trips were created by local photographers in the area, so you’ll be traveling like a true photographer – not just a tourist!

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