Unique Cruise Destinations: The Galápagos

view of Galápagos Islands

There are few places on the planet with as many pristine natural wonders and as much sheer, wild beauty as the Galápagos Islands. This volcanic archipelago of 19 islands about 600 miles west of Ecuador in the South Pacific Ocean is the world’s first UNESCO Heritage Site, and renowned as one of the foremost destinations for nature lovers and wildlife viewing.

These exotic characteristics make the Galápagos an extraordinary cruise destination. Whether the centerpiece of a holiday or just one amazing stop along a multi-destination itinerary, taking full advantage of this secluded gem will make any vacation truly unforgettable.

Like Nowhere Else on Earth

The Galápagos Islands are largely uninhabited, with 97 percent of the archipelago dedicated and maintained as an Ecuadorian national park: Parque Nacional Galápagos.

The habitats and native wildlife have remained largely undisturbed throughout the ages, preserving much of their distinct charm and natural splendor.

One of the chief influences for naturalist Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, its remoteness enabled unique wildlife species to thrive.

The Galápagos Islands are home to nearly 9,000 distinct animal species, many of which are endemic to the archipelago or surrounding sea, including the Galápagos land iguana, Galápagos tortoise, and blue-footed booby, a marine bird.

The islands are also perfectly situated at the intersection of three separate ocean currents, which enables a rich array of undersea plants and sealife to flourish. Crystal-clear waters make it a perfect stop for cruise travelers fond of diving and snorkeling.

What Are the Most Popular Cruise Lines & Vacation Activities for a Galápagos Getaway?

Your choice of cruise lines and activities are major factors in your overall experience. Here are several of the most popular:

Silversea Cruises

The go-to name in ultra-luxurious expedition cruising, Silversea is part of the Royal Caribbean Group, and offers astounding itineraries to more than 900 destinations across all seven continents.

Silversea’s Galápagos journeys launch aboard the Silver Origin, a small ship featuring comfortable and lavish suites and only 100 passengers at a time—making for an extremely intimate voyage with a priority on exceptional service and top-level amenities.

Enjoy an extraordinary, all-inclusive Galápagos travel package complete with a wide variety of fun activities and exploration opportunities, including snorkeling, kayaking, and Zodiac tours. It also includes complimentary guided tours with naturalists and certified experts for more immersive experiences.

Silversea guests enjoy a host of premium amenities and upscale accommodations, with all cabins on the Silver Origin premium, ocean-view suites featuring around-the-clock, dedicated butler service, and in-suite dining and room service.

While all suites are spacious and comfortable, book a Classic Veranda Suite for more living space and a private veranda to take in the wonderful surroundings in sublime comfort.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises boasts some of the best in luxury and onboard amenities. Ships sport a modern, contemporary design and wide variety of dining options, premium facilities and amenities, and plenty of showstopping entertainment—from Broadway-style performances to live concerts, and much more.

Venture to the Galápagos for a seven-day itinerary highlighting some of the region’s incredible biodiversity, with in-depth educational tours detailing some of this breathtaking island chain’s unique flora and fauna.

Celebrity sails three ships for its Galápagos cruises, each with their own offerings.

The luxury mega-yacht Celebrity Flora is the largest ship servicing the Galápagos—featuring only suites and 100 guests!

Celebrity Xpedition is a spacious, 48-passenger vessel combining cosmopolitan style with an authentic sense of discovery and adventure. Enjoy fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables and fish plucked right out of the sea by native fishermen at Darwin’s Restaurant! Relax over some drinks at Discovery Lounge. Soak in some rays and witness some dazzling views from the top deck’s hot tub, or unwind in any of the ship’s staterooms and suites.

Celebrity Xploration is the choice for travelers craving a more intimate voyage—hosting just 16 passengers and an astounding array of amenities. Families and groups can further savor this unforgettable journey aboard their own private catamaran!

Celebrity’s ships are designed with size and ecological impact in mind, so guests can experience all these precious islands have to offer without negatively impacting their unique and gorgeous ecosystems. Staterooms feature comfort and style, while diverse itineraries ensure passengers experience the voyages of a lifetime!


Tauck provides a wide variety of guided land tours and sea expeditions aboard small ship and river cruises to more than 70 countries. Its cruises feature plenty of all-inclusive travel packages, onboard entertainment and amenities, and immersive activities for guests to fully experience their destinations.

Book a Galápagos cruise aboard the Isabella II, a 40-passenger, expedition-style yacht with all the comfort and elegance anyone could ever dream of. Tauck voyages prioritize sightseeing and excursion activities, offering endless opportunities to view and even interact with a diverse array of local wildlife including sea lions, iguanas, penguins, and more.

Isabella II accesses some of the more remote islands, and Tauck’s Private Tauck Shore Excursions features a series of guided tours of one of the most secluded and untamed regions in the world.

Book a Master Suite for a spacious and luxurious stay with a phenomenal view. All-inclusive packages cover airport transfers, all hotel and ship accommodations, entertainment, meals and specialty dining options, land and cruise transportation, and shore excursions—so you’ll never face surprise travel expenses!

Work With InteleTravel to Plan Your Galápagos Islands Getaway!

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Our InteleTravel Advisors possess the skills, knowledge, and connections to not only arrange the perfect itinerary for your travel preferences and book the myriad aspects of your trip, but secure valuable travel bonuses and upgrades whenever possible.

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