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6 Quick Tips to Sell More Travel

Posted at Apr 10, 2018 9:33:47 AM in by InteleTravel

6 Quick Tips to Sell More TravelEvery travel agent can benefit from learning additional techniques to help improve sales.

Here are several quick tips to help you sell more travel, today.

#1. Highlight benefits, quickly.

Don't spend too long with fluffy openers and wordy explanations. In today's fast-paced world, customers don't have time for unnecessary filler content. Talk about your benefits quickly, citing any positive customer reviews.

#2. Leverage the power of social media.

Travel does amazingly well on social media, so take advantage of its various platforms. Share great content that helps to build your community and portrays you as an authority within the industry.

Need social content? Check out the InteleTravel Agent Portal for downloadable content you can post right to your social channels, or feel free to share any of our blogs.

#3. Promote your value.

Before sharing sales or discounts, promote your value as a professional travel agent. What your customers will get from you, rather than some mainstream booking engine, is a real person with passion and extensive knowledge about all things travel. Tout your personalized service, experience, advice, recommendations, and unique insights.

#4. Find a niche.

Really love cruises? Have a knack for booking trips to Europe? Enjoy helping bachelorettes have a great time? Specializing in a travel niche that you love can help you become an authority even sooner, and open you up to referrals from people who are really interested in exactly what you offer.

#5. Partner with complementary businesses.

Find some complementary businesses where you can cross-promote your services. Some ideas? Limo companies, hairdressers, or even florists could work!

#6. Get lost in the Agent Portal.

The Agent Portal provides plenty of useful resources to help you sell more travel, more efficiently. Take the time to explore. Watch videos, read articles, find questions and answers in the Knowledgebase.

Keeping yourself educated will help you become the best travel agent you can be!

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