How Much Does a Travel Advisor Cost?

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There are a variety of factors that go into travel planning. Determining budget, location, flights, lodging, food, activities, and more can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

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Using a travel advisor can go a long way toward adding value to your vacation and helping you save time and money along every part of your journey.

The cost of using a travel advisor typically varies according to the services they provide. Some may charge an hourly rate, flat fee, or percentage of your trip’s total cost, while others receive commissions from suppliers and won’t charge for their services at all.

No matter what type of trip you’re looking to take, every type of traveler can benefit from utilizing an advisor—from the budget conscious to those seeking the heights of luxury.

Travel Advisors Are More Important Than Ever

Depending on the trip you’re looking to take, planning it can be daunting—from negotiating the complex rules of various suppliers to keeping up to date with accurate information on destinations and offerings.

Advisors excel at conducting research, sorting through offers, and reading the fine print to help save you time, money, and stress. While you may be able to explore and book a trip online, no website will get to know you personally or remain dedicated to achieving your goals. Working with an advisor means having a real-life expert at your fingertips!

They are especially valuable when you run into unexpected situations while abroad. When the unforeseen happens such as lost luggage or missed connections, there’s no one better to have on your side—and with the many variables of a complex planning process, an advisor is truly a must.

Advisors Actually Save You Money

A travel advisor provides personalized service and invaluable advice—helping travelers make the most of their time and money. While some may charge a modest fee for their services, most won’t charge anything at all, and in fact, will end up saving you money in the long run.

They can reduce overall travel costs by leveraging their relationships with tour operators, hotels, airlines, and more to secure discounts and exclusive deals.

Advisors typically don’t charge a fee to their clients for planning standard vacations, but instead earn money from commissions* paid to them through supplier partners and vendors.

They also provide the convenience of serving as the single point of contact throughout your entire trip, which can save a great deal of time and reduce any associated stress.

Working with a travel advisor provides professional assistance in arranging your itinerary and booking your accommodations, behind-the-scenes help throughout every stage of your journey, and access to special discounts and promotions courtesy of their travel supplier partners.

InteleTravel Advisors Always Add Value

Working with an InteleTravel Advisor to plan your vacation online is a great way to ensure the best value for your investment. Our advisors have access to the best deals and promotions from travel suppliers, which they pass along to you. From exclusive discounts to upgrades on accommodations, dining, and more—advisors love finding additional ways to make your experience better!

Working with an InteleTravel Advisor doesn’t just gain you an expert in the field, but an advocate who will have your back throughout every step of your journey. If you encounter any problematic issues or emergencies along the way, it can be invaluable to have someone behind the scenes ensuring your party stays safe, healthy, and happy.

Their experiences in the industry help them to stay on top of trends, activities, upcoming events, and all of the hot offerings that can make your trip perfect.

InteleTravel Advisors provide exceptional value to your trip through expert advice, knowledge about the locality, access to exclusive deals and promotions, and invaluable peace of mind.

Skip Costs Altogether & Work With an InteleTravel Advisor Today

It’s a point of pride that our advisors work off commissions* paid directly by vendors or suppliers. You book a vacation, and that’s it. There are no added costs.

Our InteleTravel Advisors are experienced professionals who know the travel industry inside and out; have connections with airlines, hotels and tour companies; and can offer access to deals and discounts that you just can't find on your own.

Whether you’re planning a honeymoon or family gathering, or just want to have a more hands-off experience, our advisors can help you assess your budget, arrange your itinerary, and decide what makes the most sense to ensure you have the best experience possible.

When you work with an InteleTravel Advisor, you will enjoy a world-class vacation experience with the peace of mind only derived from having a seasoned professional working in your corner.

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*Commissions are not calculated on taxes and other fees, and may be subject to industry standard adjustment by credit card processors and for technology or transaction costs. Commissions shown are examples and not a guarantee of income.

Travel rates are subject to error, omission and change based on travel dates, availability and other industry factors.

Originally Published August 2016. Updated April 2023.

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