How Do I Communicate With an Online Travel Advisor?

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Working with an online travel agency is designed to be as easy and convenient as possible. In addition to a dedicated travel expert working behind the scenes on your behalf, reputable companies also offer multiple means of communication to foster a more personal connection and ensure every aspect of your trip exceeds expectations.

From itinerary planning to last-minute questions or concerns while you’re abroad, staying in touch with your travel agency or advisor can make all the difference. That’s why most advisors ensure they can be reached whenever and wherever needed.

Phone & Text

Undoubtedly the most common line of contact, most online travel agencies provide a phone number to connect with an agent or advisor, around the clock. Some even text message info and updates throughout the process.

Sometimes you just need to speak with a real person.


Email is another ubiquitous connection. A travel advisor will typically send booking confirmations, itinerary details, and other important information or documentation via email.

Travel advisors are oftentimes on call and keep an eye out for client messages, so you can usually expect a timely, if not immediate response.

Email is a must when you need details, documentation or other easily accessible information at your fingertips.

Live Chat & Video Conferencing

As many face-to-face interactions are being replaced by virtual platforms, even brick-and-mortar travel agencies are starting to rely on live chat and video conferencing to communicate with travelers.

Video conferencing and live chat services will typically be integrated into the agency’s website for easy access and convenience. These could include AI bots and automated replies, but you can usually arrange to speak with an actual advisor or agency representative through video or live chat, on request.

For a more personal experience when you’re abroad, you can’t beat a virtual face-to-face conversation.

Social Media

Many travel professionals are embracing the inherent benefits of utilizing social media to contact and share information with prospective travelers.

Travelers can connect with advisors on a more personal and informal level on social media. They can get a sense of what travel opportunities they offer, view and share travel photos and testimonials, provide updates on popular destinations or upcoming offers, and drum up excitement and wanderlust.

Social media is a great way to connect with advisors for travel tips, destination recommendations, industry updates, and more.

Stay Connected With InteleTravel

Travel advisors are digitally accessible to their clients wherever they are, via phone, text, email, chat, and video. This makes it convenient for travelers to stay connected and provide direct input for booking preferences, itinerary details, or other inquiries that might arise during the course of the travel planning process.

InteleTravel Advisors provide online support and assistance no matter what your preferred contact method. Our trained and experienced travel professionals will work with you to arrange the best travel itinerary based on your individual specifications. And if you ever have questions, concerns or need assistance while abroad, you can always reach our travel advisor team or stellar customer service staff to help with whatever you require.

Connecting with an InteleTravel Advisor has never been easier. Contact InteleTravel today to start planning your next exciting journey!

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