How Travel Agents Can Get Help


Are you an InteleTravel Agent looking for help? You've come to the right place.

Here are some helpful tips for the times you need a little assistance:

1) Attend Weekly Supplier Webinar

Your Agent Back Office is full of educational resources, one being weekly supplier webinars! Get your weekly dose of supplier insights, focusing on one travel supplier per webinar. You even get to ask your questions live directly to the supplier.  Plus, there are always great prizes given away each week too! 

2) Watch the Featured Webinar in InteleTutorial

The InteleTutorial Library is stocked with exclusive audio and multi-media guides intended to aid and educate our agents. Learn how to sell from the executives of travel's most recognized brands, view excerpts from live seminars and hear clips from exclusive TeleRoundtable Conference Calls.

3) Graduate InteleTravel University

Earn the three levels of certification InteleTravel Agents can receive. These certifications represent your level of understanding of the travel industry and engagement as an InteleTravel agent, allowing you to stand out as a superior agent. Become a DREAM MAKER, VACATION BUILDER or A TRAVEL GENIUS.  Each level has great education opportunities such as live events and an Online InteleTravel Academy.

4) Use the Knowledgebase

Whenever you have a question, whether it's about marketing best practices, commission, booking, or more, always refer to the Knowledgebase. This comprehensive resource is built to help agents with the necessities. It's like your own personal travel agent google in your back office.  All the answers are at your fingertips and you didn't even know it.

5) Live Chat

Unable to find your question in the Knowledgebase? Our Live Chat is available for immediate inquiries.

6) Use the Agent Support Desk

Of course, you can always visit the Agent Support Desk to get in contact with InteleTravel directly. You can email Customer Service or give us a call. We're always happy to help our agents in any way we can!

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