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PreCheck News: TSA Policy Changes Are Making Airport Lines Shorter

Posted at Nov 17, 2015 12:37:18 PM in Business Travel, For Agents by InteleTravel

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently announced some changes regarding its PreCheck program.

The PreCheck program—which requires members to apply, go through a background check and pay an $85 fee— was formed in 2011 in order to improve the security experience for qualified travelers by not requiring them to remove their shoes or belts, or take out their laptops or any liquids they are carrying, making the entire screening process quicker and easier. Members are provided with a Known Travel Number that must be used when booking a flight. Boarding passes also indicate whether or not someone is a part of PreCheck. As of August 2015, enrollment surpassed 1.5 million people.

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How Technology Has Changed the Way People Travel

Posted at Nov 9, 2015 5:00:06 PM in Business Travel, Leisure Travel by InteleTravel

Traveling in the 21st century is completely different than traveling years ago. Thanks to advancements in technology, travelers have all that they need to prepare for a trip in the palm of their hands. The days of being uninformed or getting lost seem to be coming to an end.

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Best Places to Travel in November

Posted at Oct 29, 2015 1:50:00 PM in Business Travel, Leisure Travel, For Agents by InteleTravel

Some people prefer to go on vacation during the summer or winter, but venturing off to new and exciting places during the fall is ideal because the weather is great and the foliage is awe-inspiring. Plus, no one seems to ever consider it. It’s like fall is a forgotten season. However, there are actually many scenic places to travel in November, specifically. One of InteleTravel's preferred partners Globus Family of Brands—Monograms and Cosmos—offers vacation packages that include tours to these destinations at the most competitive prices, so finding the best deals won't be an issue. And with all of the stunning landscapes and incredible atmospheres, these locations will leave you speechless.

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6 Ways to Stay Under Your Coporate Travel Budget

Posted at Oct 29, 2015 10:00:00 AM in Business Travel by InteleTravel

Being responsible for booking all the corporate travel at your job can be overwhelming. There is so much effort that goes into planning a trip, and having to stay under the company’s travel budget does not make accomplishing your task any easier. In fact, that probably makes the entire process more time-consuming, especially since travel is so expensive and the chances of finding a good deal is the same as winning the lottery – slim to none. Although you do not have control over who spends how much during the actual trip, there are a few ways to avoid going over the travel budget while scheduling all the travel arrangements, making the process less of a struggle and leaving you to turn your attention back to your offer administrative duties.

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Healthy Travel Tips for Road Warriors

Posted at Oct 21, 2015 1:14:00 PM in Business Travel by InteleTravel

Constantly traveling from place to place makes it difficult to stick to a workout routine and healthy diet. However, there are several ways to do so. Here are some healthy travel tips you should try to get into when traveling.

Stacy Moutafis, a nutrition and fitness expert – therapist, personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and New York State Strength & Conditioning Coach – from Long Island, New York, also offers several, valuable suggestions on how to overcome your traveling obstacles in order to ensure that you are able to stay healthy while on the road. This way, you will never have to sacrifice your health for your profession.

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Corporate Team Building: Why it’s Important and How to Plan a Trip

Posted at Oct 15, 2015 9:41:00 AM in Business Travel, For Agents by InteleTravel


Corporate team building defined

Performing team building activities is a common corporate strategy to improve relations and productivity in the workplace. A business will not be successful if the employees are failing to work cohesively as one unit. Team building activities can help colleagues bond with one another and work together towards a common goal through communication, trust and patience outside of the office. That is the key: they are not doing their everyday tasks, but are in another environment faced with unique challenges that can ultimately help them when at work.

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Can I Make Extra Income by Booking My Husband's Travel?

Posted at Oct 5, 2015 10:58:00 AM in Business Travel by InteleTravel

Is your husband a business traveler who is constantly planning trip after trip? Are you looking for a way to bring in extra money without stretching yourself too thin? You’re in luck.

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Become an Independent Travel Agent and Cut Corporate Travel Costs

Posted at Aug 31, 2015 4:37:00 PM in Business Travel by InteleTravel

Are you the designated corporate travel planner at your company? Chances are, this isn’t a job title you’ve given much thought to. Yet, if part of your job involves booking flights, transportation and lodging for upcoming corporate trips, then this is a significant part of your responsibilities. Whether you are in administration, office management or human resources, based on your job requirements it’s presumed that you spend a good portion of your time researching places and venues, booking travel and coordinating every one of the corporation’s trips, including conferences, trade shows, corporate events or team-building retreats, all within a certain budget.

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Travel like a Road Warrior: Tips for the New Business Traveler

Posted at Aug 20, 2015 2:22:00 PM in Business Travel, For Agents by InteleTravel

If you have recently started traveling for business, you are probably still learning basic tricks in order to stay organized and prepared for all your business trips. Here are a few key business travel tips to remember in order to shorten the length of your learning curve and prepare you for “road warrior” status:


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7 Essential Business Travel Apps

Posted at Aug 19, 2015 1:09:00 PM in Business Travel, For Agents by InteleTravel

Every business traveler is well aware of all the annoyances and aggravations associated with travel. Finding a hotel, organizing needed documents, researching the area you're journeying to and keeping track of all your reservations while staying in touch with your loved ones. (And those are just a few of your responsibilities).

Although we can’t solve all of the headaches associated with traveling, here are several business travel apps out there that can lessen the pain.


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